King's Taxidermy

Photo Gallery

Game Heads
This category includes Mule deer, Whitetail, Elk and Antelope and various other North American Game head. We offer pedestal mounts, wall mounts, and wall pedestal mounts for your game head trophy.
Birds & Fish
Pheasants, turkey, geese and all other birds. Freshwater and saltwater fish. Reproduction fish as well as original skin mounts. We can create natural looking scenic bases with artificial water for your trophy.
African & Exotic
Enjoy these pictures of Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard and many other African & Exotic animals mounted in a creative bases. Be sure to visit the studio before your trip to get important information to insure a great mount!
Lifesize bears and mountain lions, and other animals placed in natural looking bases. All to remind you of that great day!